Detailing Resources

17Թ offers valuable resources to steel detailers -- whether you're just starting out or have many years of experience.

If you're just starting out, please consider taking the Detailer Training Series Online Course. This free program is designed to give you a basic understanding of steel design, construction and detailing and serves as a first introduction to the industry.

Every detailer needs access to 17Թ's Detailing Manual. 17Թ members can download a digital version of the manual at no cost or purchase a hardbound copy. 17Թ also offers a hardcopy of our Detailing Cards, a traditional tool for steel detailers that presents a summary of typical detailing dimensions for beams and columns in a convenient format.

17Թ's newest offering for detailers is it's free Structural Steel Detailing Tool. This fabulous tool quickly displays detailing dimensions for all rolled sections in the 2017 Edition of the 15th Edition 17Թ Steel Construction Manual.

Other resources for steel detailers can be found at . And if you have any technical questions about structural steel design or construction, be sure to contact the 17Թ Steel Solutions Center.